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Research Natura2000 important for MSC

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This year a comprehensive research will start in light of Natura2000 to investigate the effects of the brown shrimp fishery. This research is at the utmost importance for the MSC certification process and will provide us the needed information for Principle 2. Principle 2 is about the effects of the brown shrimp fishery on 1) retained species; 2) bycatch; 3) endangered, threatened and protected species; 4) habitat; and 5) the ecosystem.

The research will give clarification on these five points. This is important because in order to obtain a good score for MSC, you need to be able to scientifically show what the effects of the brown shrimp fishery are. If you are not able to do that, you need to at least implement the precautionary approach.

The government has chosen IMARES to perform the research. The research plan of IMARES van be downloaded here. (in Dutch)

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